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We’ve had too hot a fall. Folks are back working full on and it’s ridonculously hot out there. Society can’t turn on a dime. Classrooms and offices and apartment buildings are way too hot and everyone is feeling it. Apparently, there are random fist fights throughout the city. Even my daughter is cranky. Fall had a false start. Everything is back to front.

I had a false start this fall too when, after doing a series of solid shows for a particular group of folks, they didn’t come out for Cabaret. Had to put off starting rehearsals for a couple of weeks. Look, each to their own, truly. I got nothing – but it gave me a bit of a pause. Firstly, obviously, I had neglected to take the temperature. My fault.

Also, I looked at and thought about the quality of the shows. I am a pretty good director and my kids are talented and hard working. However, this is Community Theatre and sometimes we do get a little emotionally close to our own stuff. I thought about the things I had done well and the things that had not gone so well. After much consideration, I stood behind my opinion that I would have been proud to put any of those shows on any community theatre stage. I want to direct and produce shows that everyone can be proud of. It’s a lot of time and soul and effort. And, spare time. Our most precious commodity right now.

It was particularly interesting to me to go to the last video party and watch the cast realize that they had done a good job. So weird that they had thought otherwise but humbling that they had stayed with the show regardless. Such awesome folks.

In the end, quality is job one (sorry Ford, my slogan now). I keep thinking about taking the temp and it dawned on me that had I done so and found it too hot, I would have chosen to do Cabaret anyway but I would have been more prepared.

Cabaret will be amazing. It makes sense in our times, resonates, makes us think but, also, makes us laugh and entertains the heck out of us. Cabaret is definitely one of those shows,  especially given the current political climate and the intolerance and fascist leanings emboldened by the farce that democracy has become. Yeah, yeah, I know. Save it for my introductory thoughts to my cast this evening. But I really can’t wait.

It’s nice to see that fall temps are returning to normal again. I am starting the Youth Company and the Adults up this evening. So thrilled. So much fun. So looking forward to the journey.




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