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I do a little theatre. Okay, I do a lot of theatre. And I tend to do fully staged musicals which is, like, theatre production on steriods. It’s difficult. And I always have this perfect vision of what I want in my head. I can always see the overall and much of the minutiae before I start. You have to be this way or there’s really no reason to do the project. If you can’t see it, there’s nothing, really. But, you say, vision is fine and all but how do you have the gumption to start so many projects…and then finish them?

I’ll tell you. I have learned that it means I have to settle for less.¬†Less than my vision. Less than perhaps I could do if I were doing more of the things. Less than perfection.

Ugh. Really? You say this with a sniff. Do you really not try?

Now, dems fightin’ words. I always try. I try my best. I strive always to do as amazing a job as I can. But the reality is, and I learned this a long time ago, I will never be able to replicate what is in my head. Even if I had twice the time and money.

So? There’s that scoffing voice again. So what? How does that help you start and finish projects?

The point is the fear of imperfection never stops me. Ever. It used to, a long time ago which is why I started directing later than most. And to finish? Well at some point the project takes on a life of its own. You can’t stop it.

What I am trying to say to you, gentle reader, is that once you accept it will never be perfect, you don’t have to fear that as an outcome. And at the end, you will do something amazing because you will have tried your best reaching for a star that looks close enough to touch but is, in fact, billions of light years away.

And that’s amazing. Because most people never start at all.

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