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This blog is inspired by Motivational Monday (#mm); so, on Mondays, I will publish this column on how easy it can be to get your work out there largely in the context of theatrical productions but there are tips, here, for any performance artist. These will be short pieces with one tip or musing from a woman who pops up theatres all the time and produces and directs constantly. I hope this blog helps inspire you to just get out there and do it. The first hurdle is that decision.

Tap The Flow

One of the first questions an artist faces is how to get their work in front of an audience and many are unaware of how easy it is to set up shop, literally anywhere. Because internet. Today, I am going to talk about an amazing online tool that is bringing performance into livingrooms, backyards, small intimate spaces: Artery.is.

Artery is kind of doing the Uber thing to performance. Skip the established brick and mortar theatres (and all the expense therein) and offer a myriad of small, intimate performance spaces all over the city. There is, of course, a lot of trust required (going into someone’s livingroom or backyard or offering your livingroom or backyard) but it is similar to the Uber experience.

Artery is intriguing because it connects the artist directly with his/her audience; something we should all be doing but may not have the skills.

What An Audience Might Want

Before we continue this discussion, I want to remind you about what might attract the audience to an experience like this:

  1. Chance to be involved with something outside their ken OR
  2. Chance to be involved with a new project in their own field.
  3. Chance to meet and interact with the performance artist(s).
  4. Chance to avoid crowds. An investment in intimate groups and connections.

What An Independent Theatre Production Might Want:

I am not necessarily saying this is the best choice for your project but, let’s assume the following:

  1. Your project is in its beginning stages (small, budding) or has proven to work very well with small, intimate audiences.
  2. You want to connect and engage personally with your audience.
  3. Your project is flexible enough to stand pretty much any space (poetry reading, small play, small band or ensemble).
  4. Your project does not need a lot of technical support.
  5. You just want to perform.

If any of this is true, something like Artery might be an option for you. If you have a website and/or a large social media following, artery.is might not be necessary. You could, effectively, sell out an intimate gathering all on your own lonesome. More on this later.

Having said that, I think I would like you to ponder a reality in which the venue is not necessarily an obstacle. Our world is one in which you can reach your audience directly. Check out artery.is.

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