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The more intelligent we are, the more we engage in play. Play is how we learn about ourselves, about others, about the world. And it’s fun. Come play!

Hey! We would love to have you join us! And there are so many ways to support or get involved; you will find something that suits your schedule!

Get On Stage!

What have we got going on right now? Take a look! Join us so you can get back onstage and perform again, so you never have to watch other people do something you love to do so much without you right up there with them!

Come Enjoy the Shows!

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Help Make It All Happen! We Love Our Volunteers!

Send us an email! Learn how to do something amazing like costume or props design. We will teach you and support you. Work backstage! Give out programs! Join our awesome community for one day or for a whole show, whatever works for you!