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Rehearse (close to) downtown (and also in the boonies). Perform downtown.

Jaybird Productions is accepting registrations/submissions for auditions for their December production of Cabaret at the Al Green Theatre, 750 Spadina Ave, Toronto on November 31, and December 1 and 2, 2017. Rehearsals at St. David’s Anglican Church, 49 Donlands Avenue, across from Donlands Station. Also, Sundays at VIBE Studio, Clarke and Dufferin.

Show will go up in a limited rehearsal schedule (about 20 rehearsals) and for a short three show run. As such, the cast will be given electronic support for review but will be expected to do a lot of work on their own. Forgive the short notice, folks — I was sicker than a dog the last couple of weeks.

The parts of the EMCEE, Fraulein Schnieder, and Sally Bowles as well as some chorus roles are already cast.

Cast Breakdown:

Sally Bowes A tour de force role, Sally is a larger than life personality – a charming but down on her luck cabaret performer. Sally is an amazing opportunity for a performer looking for a real challenge. Vocal range: Belt, mezzo. British accent. Can dance. Must be comfortable with burlesque.

Clifford Bradshaw An American writer arrives in Berlin looking for who knows what? He is swept up into the world of the Kabaret, the song, the drugs, the sex, the experimentation. Cliff is a great role for a baritone. Must be comfortable with kissing another man.

EMCEE Androgynous, sexy, probably Jewish, and one of the most enigmatic characters on stage period, the EMCEE is the consummate Master of Ceremonies. Must be comfortable with bisexuality, burlesque, politically disturbing content, and will need a solid German dialect. More on the dance side of mover.

Fraulein Schneider Schneider is a middle-aged woman who is running a boarding house in Berlin who falls in love with Herr Schultz Alto. Light dance (waltz). German accent.

Herr Schultz A mature gentleman roomer at Schneider’s boarding house, Schultz owns a fruit shop in Berlin who loves Fraulein Schneider. Tenor. Light dance – waltz. German accent.

Fraulein Kost A border at Schneider’s, Kost earns money by entertaining sailors.  Sexually free and a down to earth woman, Kost shocks us when we see her embrace the Nazi regime. German accent. Mezzo-alto.

Ernst Ludwig Ernest is an opportunist and man of his times.  He invites Cliff into the world of the Kit Kat Club. He takes English lessons from Cliff. He smuggles money for the Nazi party and… he needs a tame American to do a few runs for him. Vocally, the part is flexible as Ernst mostly sings in the chorus.  Age is flexible but he comes off as a man just before his prime, emerging into his ultimate role.  Stage movement. German Accent.

Kit Kat Club Dancers (casting 4-6) Women and men who perform the stage show back ups and stage show numbers at the club. Serious dancers, these performers need to embrace their inner burlesque, be comfortable with fluid and frank sexuality, be comfortable with uncomfortable politics and satire. All singing ranges.  Features like Two Ladies, My Eyes, will be drawn from this group.

Kit Kat Club Waiters, and Patrons (casting maximum 10) These are the waiters and patrons at the Kit Kat Club and sing in the chorus.  Features characters like Bobby and Victor, and features for songs like Tomorrow Belongs To Me will be cast from this group. All vocal ranges. Movers (as opposed to dancers). Need to be comfortable embracing the seedier side of life…burlesque, sexuality, political commentary and satire (look, I just called myself seedy).

Auditions:  September 20, 2017. Can’t make the 20th? Submit a video!

Prepare: Two contrasting songs.

Submit to:  jacqui@jacquiburke.com

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