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No Time

The thing we have least of is time. And yet, one of the biggest edges we can foster in our professional lives is our creativity – to help us compete in this amazingly fast paced and changing world. How do we do that?  Participate in a creative activity. Great. Buuuuut, we have no time.

Do you ever watch your friends on stage, then look at your calendar and sigh?

If we are going to get you on stage, we are going to have to beat the clock. Standard community theatre programs are a big commitment, approximately 11 hours a week before the schedule gets heavy at the end. It’s a lot of time to be out of the house, especially if you have kids.

Jaybird offers a co-op community theatre model that allows for one to two nights a week (3-6 hours in rehearsal a week), a lot less of your time. And, they create and archive digital tools for personal review including video and vocal/music recordings; so, you can practice when it most suits you without disturbing the rhythms of your family and your already busy life.

Okay, so, theatre is a good thing but what about other options?

Cost Comparison

We are the best deal in town.

Most Jaybird Shows, including full rehearsals and performance, take about 75 hours over about three months. Let’s do a cost comparison based on what adults in Toronto are paying right now for other group programs and what they would cost if they offered the same service:

Tennis Lessons $1,240
 Golfing Lessons $2,060
Creative Thinking Booster Seminars $11,000
Choir Memberships $975
 Performance Dance $2,800
 Acting Classes $1,100

Jaybird’s program starts at only $300.00. Significantly less. Even if we took the Choir/Dance/Acting classes and averaged the price, Jaybird would be one fifth what other companies are charging for similar services.

The Quality of the Experience

Wow! So cheap! Is it a good experience?

Jaybird shows are directed by award winning, working theatrical professionals. Jaybird’s programs have attracted seasoned players, emerging pros, and newbies alike, all of whom keep coming back…for Jaybird’s emphasis on fun, the truly great process, and the quality of final production. Your friends and family will be amazed and proud of you.

Okay, how do I get involved?

Jaybird is almost always in the process of offering great experiences for both our performers and our audiences! Lookie at what we are currently registering. And if there’s something that interests you…join us!

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