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Looking For A Creative Outlet?

Jaybird Presents: The Cost Comparison!

We are the best deal in town.

Most Jaybird programs, including full rehearsals and performance, involve about 75 hours of rehearsal over about three months. Training includes hands on acting, singing, and dancing with a short run at the end to showcase your talents and skills. Okay, how about a cost comparison based on what adults in Toronto are paying right now for other group programs and what those programs would cost if they offered the same experience as Jaybird:

Type of Lesson

(75 hours)

Per Session
(3 hours)

Jaybird $400.00 $16.00
Tennis Lessons $1,240 $49.50
 Golfing Lessons $2,060 $82.50
Creative Thinking Booster Seminars $11,000 $440.00
Choir Memberships $975 $39.00
 Performance Dance $2,800 $112.00
 Acting Classes $1,100 $45.00


Okay, how do I get involved?

Jaybird is almost always in the process of offering great experiences for both our performers and our audiences! Lookie at what we are currently registering. And if there’s something that interests you…join us!

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